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  More quick news about Eternal Quest
Mon, 13 July 2009 05:05:00 BadMrBox
Allright, I have some good news. The mapeditor I started to do for EQ is done as far as I can tell at this moment. I cant figure out what more I want it to be able to do.
I'm going to take a hiatus for a couple of days and visit a friend. After that, my work on the game will go significally faster.

  Some quick news about Eternal Quest
Wed, 24 June 2009 20:08:00 BadMrBox
All mayor ingame code have been done meaning that I can start focusing on graphics now. That is all.
You can see the intro screen made by Lachie under this text:

  Quite a while since the last update and this is what's happenening since that time... not much.
Sun, 14 June 2009 18:56:00 BadMrBox
Since I updated Ragnarok Games homepage the last time much has happen in the world. 3D Realms have both falled and re-emerged, E3 has come and gone and Nintendo did suck this year again. Spring has gone and summer is finally here and that's awesome... except for all the raining.

So, what's new about Eternal Quest?
I have redesigned the way you use items, weapons and armor in the in-game menu's. This means that I have had to recode parts of the battleengine and it's way of handling items. This is more or less everything I have had time to do since my last update.